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  • I would love to host a diffuser bracelet workshop. It looks so fun! However, I am not crafty and have no idea where to start. What supplies do I need and once I get them, what do I do?"
    Oh we hear you sister. We started where you are. Read on the get specific how-to instructions. CLICK HERE
  • Some people say that you should only use unwaxed beads to make diffuser bracelets. Is this true? What if I prefer the black beads? Can I still put oils on them?
    We heard that too. Read here and learn more. CLICK HERE
  • I am so frustrated. On the bracelet you sent, I can’t even find the knot, but when I do it, the knot gets big and ugly. How do you tie that knot so you can’t see it?"
    Practice, practice, practice, and a little super glue. Here is a video on not only hot to tie the knot, but how to make bracelets! CLICK HERE
  • I am interested in the 100-bracelet kit. What kinds of beads come in there? How do you choose them?
    Great question. The answer is pretty simple, but kind of not simple. CLICK HERE
  • Your kit comes in a 100-bracelet pack. What in the world would I do with 100 bracelets?
    You’d be surprised. Here are some ideas. CLICK HERE
  • I love the look of the wrap bracelet. However, they look really complicated and I am not crafty. How do I make them?"
    They look complicated, but they are really very simple to make. They just require some patience. Here’s some instructions. CLICK HERE
  • I would like to buy a 100-bracelet kit, but I want to pick the strands that go in it. Can I do that?"
    Yes, you can. Put your 15 choices in the comments section when you check out. Please note that your custom kit might take longer to ship that a non-customized kit.
  • How long will it take me to get my order?
    Typically, we ship same or next day. We ship first class or priority mail from USPS which takes from 2-3 days anywhere in the continental US. Plan for about 5 days from order to doorstep. You will likely be happy when it arrives early. If we are waiting for a shipment and cannot ship within these parameters, we will let you know.
  • What if I have a bead emergency and need my beads fast?
    Call or email us. Usually we can help.
  • Do you ship to other countries?
    If you live in another country, we’d love to ship you beads too! However, beads are heavy and international shipping costs can be prohibitive. In some circumstances, the international flat rate cost is worth paying. Email us and we will quote you a price on shipping. We can decide together if it makes sense to ship you a box of full of beautiful beads.
  • What if I am not happy with my purchase?
    We want you to be happy. If you are not happy, let us know. If we can’t make it right, return your order in its original condition within 14 days for a full refund.
  • What if I had a special need that can't be met with your on-line options?
    Reach out to us and we will see what we can do!
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