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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

The gemstones in our kits are comprised of both natural and synthetic, dyed and non-dyed. I have my own preference, but what I have learned is... not everyone is like me. Shocker, right?

When we first started diffuser bracelet workshops, I ordered beads and spacers I liked. They were cool. All earth tones, nothing too colorful or flashy, just authentic and subtle. That lasted about 1 class, until someone said to me - umm... do you have anything with more color? Like, any color at all?

Not everyone is like me.

So I started to shop with others in mind - really, with you in mind, although at the time I did not know it.

What do we consider when we put kits together?

1. Simplicity. Most people who come to your workshop are brand new to bracelet making. Too many choices make it overwhelming and overwhelming is no fun. The gem beads are 10 mm and the lava beads are 8 mm. I have accidentally ordered 8 mm gems and they are fun, but you will not find them in your kit because... simple.

2. Variety. Remember when I said not everyone is like me? They are not all like you either. In your kit will be a variety of beads that appeal to most everyone. They are a mix of the following:

Natural - These are just the stones themselves, made into beads and shined up.

Natural Dyed - These are natural stones, but they have been dyed to create color variety.

Synthetic - These are man made stones that are often times more durable than their natural counter parts (ever drop a natural crackle quartz?) and often times more affordable than their natural counterparts. Some people love them. Some don't. These are usually bright and colorful.

3. Affordability. The purpose of these kits is to get your people together and create. You don't want to have to charge so much to cover your costs that people won't attend. At $200 you have $2 into each bracelet assuming the average of 5 gems and 14 lavas per bracelet. We select our gemstones to fit into this price point.

Our go-to Gemstones are Agates, Jasper, Tiger Eye, Jade and Turquoise. Our Chakra kits do not contain any synthetic stones because Chakra people typically like the real deal. If you have specific needs we will try accommodate the best we can with what we have available to us.

To keep things simple for you, the kit includes beads, spacers, glue, string, and instructions - everything you need for these workshop, except scissors. Hmmm, perhaps we should include scissors... so far, we don't. (Edit - I got tired of saying "except scissors" so now they are in the kit too!)

To date we have shipped over 100 party kits out. That is 100 people who have found the box on their porch and opened it with great anticipation. That is 100 people who have the beads to create with their people. That is 100 groups of people who create not only bracelets, but are creating community. That is a lot of bracelets carrying a lot of oils that absorb into a lot of people changing a lot of lives.

In my visits with all of you, I have learned how little I know about gemstones. I keep learning. For those of you who don't know much either, this should give you hope that you don't need to know everything to host one of these workshops, you just need to be willing to provide the space, the supplies, the oils and the love for people to create. For specifics on how to host this workshop, click HERE.

If you would like to pick up one of these kits and start creating, click HERE.

If you want to watch a video on how to make a bracelet, click HERE.

And to all of you who have taught me about beads - thank you! I have learned that I have so much more to learn.

Never stop learning.

Happy creating!

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