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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Lava beads for Grounding

Beads... just touching them and rolling them around in your fingers is grounding. The first time I made a bracelet I realized how good for the soul beading with stones that come from the earth really is. Lava beads are the mainstay in the bracelets we make. Lava beads are made from basalt, a type of igneous rock formed during volcanic eruptions. These beads are very porous, having many holes and bubbles, which makes them very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Best of all, they absorb our essential oils and gently release scent all day long providing an on the go aromatherapy experience.

We live in a world that can get crazy if we don't manage it. Our minds have to go a million miles an hour to keep up with out schedules. Not only do we need to manage our schedules, but also the data that comes in through our phones, our televisions and our computers. Stones from the earth help quiet all that. Pair the stones with your favorite essential oil and it just helps calm the crazy. Send one with your kid to school and help them calm their crazy. It's a small thing that can have some big results.

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