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Updated: Nov 10, 2019

If you have read our story, you know that we stumbled into this business by accident. We saw a need, found a way to fill it, and the rest of the story continues to unfold!

We are learning.

Today we learned about Lava Beads. Some are waxed. Some are unwaxed.

This is something I have never considered. We bought lavas. We made pretty bracelets. We put oils on them. They smelled good. Victory!

As I read through a post in regard to Lava Beads, I learned that wax can be a deal. It can slow the absorption of essential oils into the lavas. Some also reported that it altered the scent of the oil. We have never noticed either of these problems so surely our lavas were not waxed.

We boiled the beads and although they dulled, no chunks of wax fell off, upon cooling no wax was formed. Must be unwaxed.

I reviewed the description from our supplier and there was no wax noted. Nope, not waxed. But to be double sure I emailed the supplier.

Guess what? They are waxed. What?? Yup. There is a very light wax coat on them.

Turns out all black lava beads are waxed. The wax takes the edges off a bit making them more comfy, and shines them up.

If they are not waxed, they are gray, dull and rougher to the touch.

The black makes for a beautiful bracelet. Most people prefer this. Some people prefer the unwaxed over the aesthetics. It's a personal preference. Here is a link to our unwaxed beads.

Our kits currently come with black lavas. We've always been pleased with the quality and absorbency.

With all business, find a need and fill it. We offer quality bead kits at a great price. If you need unwaxed, request them and we'll put them in your kit. Let us know when you check out!

And to all you jewelry makers and lava experts out there, thanks for teaching us!

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