Grow with Holiday DIY Workshops

Bracelet workshops are tons of fun, and... can be tons of work. They can also be done very simply - (complete instructions can be found HERE). In order to maximize your efforts, there are a few things to consider. This post is specific to diffuser bracelets, but the considerations can be applied to any kind of make and take!

Why are you hosting this workshop?

There are two really good reasons to host a diffuser bracelet workshop/party. Both are important.

1. Retention. You have a team of members that you love and adore. Keeping them engaged, showing them gratitude, and creating a community is very important. Events and classes are good. However, there is something about sitting at a table and creating, that is different.

The conversation is free and easy. People can ask questions and share information in an informal setting that they would not ordinarily do in a class. They can share stories, laugh and learn from each other and they aren't really even aware it's happening. This business is built on relationships. Relationships take time. Creating together is a safe and comfortable way to build these precious relationships.

Sometimes it is good to steer the conversation. Ask some questions. It can be as simple as, "What oil do you like to wear on your diffuser jewelry?" Or what is the one product you will turn the car around and go back and get if you forget it? How long have you been using oils? So many directions to go. The fun part is I always learn when I ask questions. People feel valued and part of the community that is so important to build.

Often times, after someone enrolls, they don't come back to another class as they have already been to one. Creating and crafting is different. We are designed to create. We are social beings. This fills those needs.

Especially during the holiday season, this is a great way for people to get together and make bracelets to give as gifts. It would be a fun idea to also have sample bottles and an organza bag for each made bracelet so people are just ready to give those gifts. You can just create bracelets, or make them part of a larger make and take.