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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

People love community. They love being part of something, and if that something is fun, all the better! Aromatherapy Bracelet Workshops have been a great way to get people together and have an informal exchange of ideas and information in the relaxed atmosphere of "playing in the beads". This post will break down the whys and hows of these workshops and equip you to feel confident as you host your first get together.


People love to be together. Not all people like to sit through a class or simply be quiet for a whole hour. Some people love to craft, create and DIY. You will find that this appeals to a whole other crowd that wouldn't attend a class, but loves to create. There will still be learning going on, but it will be over informal conversation where everyone is the teacher and everyone is the student.

-Because it's fun.

-Because you draw in a different crowd.

-Because the informal conversation is priceless.

-Because you provide community.

-Because bracelets remind you to use your oils!


Saturday morning coffee, Friday night wine night, Sunday afternoon with your family, during that awkward time at Christmas after the meal is over and everyone is just sitting around, a kid's birthday party, or any time you want to get a group together and do something fun!


You'd be surprised who sits down at your table to make bracelets. Creating excludes no one.


Here is a list of things you will need.

-Tables with a chair for each of your guests.

-Something to keep the beads from rolling off your table. We use felt squares. We have also used bead boards (an investment) or even paper plates (a little tacky, but effective). We have also seen washcloths work well. We like felt squares the best.

-An assortment of Gem Beads. We keep this very simple. All our Gem Beads are 10 mm. They are a variety of colors and materials. Some people love genuine gems, others love a variety of colors offered by synthetic. If you are the buyer, get some you don't like. Someone else will love them!

- A variety of spacers. These are fun. Some people use them, some don't. They allow each person to express their individuality. You don't need many, just a few.

-If you want to get crazy, get some charms. These can get costly in a hurry, so use discretion.

-Lava Beads. We buy 8 mm lavas. These are the backbone to your bracelet. Their porous properties allow essential oils to absorb into them making your beautiful bracelet an aromatherapy bracelet. Oils can be layered on them with no need to wash them off between applications. We always use black as some oils have a color to them. I'm pretty sure white would discolor.

-Stretchy string

-Super Glue


The set up

There are different ways to do this. We have made many mistakes along the way. Here is what we found to be the best.

-Set up tables.

-Put a felt square down at each spot.

-Have enough bead boxes for the number of guests you have, we like 1 box per 4-6 guests.

-Make a few bracelets ahead of time and have them on the tables for samples.

-PRO TIP. Have the bead boxes, string, scissors and glue off to the side. Do not put bead boxes on the table until you are ready to bead. No one will listen to you because once they touch the beads they become kids and their ears turn off. Trust me on this one.

-Prep refreshments if you'd like. This is not necessary, but some people like to entertain. Have at it! I find that water and a few vitality oils to go in them is fine.

The event

Do not ever lose the opportunity to educate. You have a very small window of attention prior to a bead class as people are excited to create so make it good. Introduce yourself and tell your guests a bit about your oily journey. Talk about your company, why quality matters, ways to use oils including topical and aromatic, as on the bracelets. Talk about your favorite oils in the Premium Starter Kit to use on bracelets and why (we like talking about Valor, Peace & Calming, Frankincense, Lavender). We like to educate on the emotional oils for grounding, relaxation and mood. If all your guests have the PSK educate on emotional oils that are not included. If people are not members, talk about the awesome benefits of becoming a member and encourage them to visit with you if they would like more info. Keep all this to 10-15 minutes tops.

On to making bracelets. Don't assume people know how. Give them the instructions before you give them the bead boxes. Remember, they become kids once they touch beads. It's like magic.

1. Cut a length of string 18 inches or so. It is a drag to try and tie a knot if you cut it too short. String is cheap. If you have enough spools, wait until after the bracelet is strung to cut the string. That prevents beads from rolling off the other end of the cut string. Pre-Stretch the string! This will prevent your bracelet from getting sloppy after you tie it. No-one likes a sloppy bracelet.

2. How big should you make your bracelet? Try on the sample bracelet. Count the beads. If is too tight, use another bead or two. If it is too lose, use less beads. Very scientific. Before you tie it, have a friend hold it on your wrist to be sure it will fit.

3. Lay your beads and spacers on your felt squares. We encourage 5 gems stones and lava stones to complete - typically averaging 14 lava stones. This is the pattern our kits are based on.

4. Once complete, have a friend hold it on your wrist to be sure it fits. Then tie a knot. PRO TIP. Glue the knot with Super Glue. Do not forget this or you will be restringing your bracelet. Let dry to the touch (2-3 minutes). Cut the string close, but not too close or you will be restringing the bracelet.

5. Have a variety of oils for people to choose from to put on the lava beads. We encourage people to put a drop in their hand and roll the lava beads in the drop. The string will likely break down over time with repeated exposure to oils, so try keep the oil on the lava beads.

End notes

These are important, but didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

1. Make a few bracelets ahead of time so you know what you are doing. This will also provide samples for your guests. Some people need to copy something to get started. Making bracelets is not hard, but there are some tricky things til you get the hang of it, the biggest being tying those dang knots and not gluing your fingers together.

2. Charge for each bracelet. We typically charge $10 each. If people enroll into our company at the event, we let them make their bracelet for free. We also allow people to make as many as they would like at $10 each. This is up to your depending on supplies and how you have your event set up. Some people like to use this event as a gift to their team. Fun idea. You decide what works best for you and your budget.

3. Initiate oily discussion. As you are making your bracelets ask questions like, "What have you found to be your favorite oil?" or "What oil do you have that you have no idea what to do with?" The informal education that follows is priceless.

4. We make sure everyone goes home happy. If they are not happy with their bracelet they can either cut it apart and start over or leave it on the table and we use it for samples and they can start over. We always want people to leave relaxed, happy and having had a good time.


If you have made it this far, this workshop is likely for you! We have spent hours and hours researching and finding the best beads for this purpose. Trust me when I say, this is a rabbit hole where you can lose hours and days. If you don't have hours and days, we have created kits for you to buy that lend nicely for these workshops.

20 Pack

Our 20 pack is $75.00 and makes approximately 20 bracelets. This assumes you are using an average of 5 gemstones, 14 lava stones and 6 spacers between the gemstones. This averages out to a cost of $3.75 per bracelet. Charge $10 each and you make $125. This will allow you to buy more supplies or help cover your other costs.

100 Pack

Our 100 pack is $200 and makes approximately 100 bracelets. This assumes you are using an average of 5 gemstones, 14 lava stones and 6 spacers between the gemstones. This averages out to a cost of $2.00 per bracelet. Charge $10 each and you make $800. This will allow you to buy more supplies or help cover your other costs.

We also sell additional Gemstones, Lava Stones and string so you can restock. If you like what we like, you won't find better pricing. Shop HERE.

In summary, in the oily business, relationships are key. This is a great way to teach, to get to know people, to create, to provide community and to get people in your seats. This should not distract from your oily biz, but enhance it. Don't ever miss an opportunity to provide life changing information to another. Don't ever miss an opportunity to show compassion, understanding and love. People don't remember what you say or do, but how you make them feel. Be sure they go home happy.

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