Updated: Nov 2, 2019

People love community. They love being part of something, and if that something is fun, all the better! Aromatherapy Bracelet Workshops have been a great way to get people together and have an informal exchange of ideas and information in the relaxed atmosphere of "playing in the beads". This post will break down the whys and hows of these workshops and equip you to feel confident as you host your first get together.


People love to be together. Not all people like to sit through a class or simply be quiet for a whole hour. Some people love to craft, create and DIY. You will find that this appeals to a whole other crowd that wouldn't attend a class, but loves to create. There will still be learning going on, but it will be over informal conversation where everyone is the teacher and everyone is the student.

-Because it's fun.

-Because you draw in a different crowd.

-Because the informal conversation is priceless.

-Because you provide community.

-Because bracelets remind you to use your oils!