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Updated: Sep 11, 2022

The do it yourself 100-packs are by far the best value in a bead kit. Coming in at around $2 per bracelet, you just cannot beat the price! But what in the world would you do with 100 bracelets?

1. Make them and give them away to people you want to bless. This is how this whole thing started. Paula bought a few at a vendor event. People would comment on how well they liked them. Paula would give hers away. She would order more. Give them away. Order more. Give them away. You get the picture. There had to be a cheaper way to show kindness. This was it.

2. Host a diffuser bracelet workshop. This is a great way to create interest, create community and create fun. There is a whole step by step blog post you'll want to read right here.

3. Share the kit with others on your team who want to host workshops. We actually have 4 bead boxes that travel in a small roll-on suitcase. Our team can take them and host their own workshops. They charge bracelet creators $10 per bracelet and return then case and the money when they are done. We go completely on an honor system. We allow them to give away a bracelet if someone becomes a new member at a class or for a door prize. Partnering with your team helps pay for your investment and grow your team. You can also go in on a kit together with a friend or team member to make it more affordable.

4. Give them as gifts for new members. It is very exciting to receive an unexpected gift in the mail. Treat your new members to this inexpensive yet very cool gift. At $2 or so per bracelet, you can make people feel special and welcome without having to break the bank. Teach them how to use their oils on their bracelet.

5. Give them as recognition gifts. We have all worked at places that do not recognize our efforts or make us feel valued. Sending a bracelet with a heartfelt card can be super meaningful for people trying to share their love of oils with others. Perhaps someone enrolled their first member, taught their first class, or shared their love of oils with another for the first time. Recognize them. Trust me, it matters.

6. Pair them with a sample of your favorite oil and give them to people with whom you want to oil up! These bracelets are really nice. People who know nothing about oils love them for their beauty. Give the bracelet and a sample of an awesome oil and this will be a conversation starter for sure!

7. Make them and sell them at an expo or craft show. If you have ever worked a vendor show, you know how difficult it can be to start a conversation if you don't have anything to cash and carry. This compliments your oily vendor booth and if you sell them at $12-$15 per bracelet, you can quickly make up the cost of your vendor booth fee!

8. Wear them. Probably not all at the same time as they can get heavy. Change them out each day or stack them on top of each other for a different look. Please note. You cannot put all 100 bracelets on at one time. Not even on a 12 year old. We tried.

9. Use them as a fundraiser. If you are like me, you have bought enough magazines, cookie dough, and raffle tickets to last you a lifetime. How about turning this $200 investment into $1000? Get a group of kids together and let them create.

10. Create. Buy this kit to simply create. These beads are just fun to touch, to play with, and to combine into master pieces. You do not need to be crafty to be crafty. If you make something and you don't like it, cut the string and start all over. Just create to create. That is enough.

To get your own 100 pack kit click HERE. We put together a kit with something for everyone. The kit comes with black lightly waxed lava beads. If you would like unwaxed beads, please let us know in the comments. To learn about the difference click HERE.

Enjoy creating!

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