30 Days of Gratitude

There is nothing that engages your team quite like giveaways. People like to win free stuff.

One of the goals of your business is to retain existing members. Building relationships is key. This can be challenging with a larger team, if your team is geographically spread out, or when face to face events are not encouraged.

When we first started making bracelets, we posted this picture on our team page.

People wanted to buy them. Lots of people. However, we were not in the bracelet making business, but the oil business. All the enthusiasm sparked an idea... 30 Days of Gratitude.

If you have a Young Living team page, you will want to read on. If you are part of a Young Living team page, you will want to send this to your leader. I am about to hand you a very cool way to get to know your team, and for your team to know each other. We have done this for three years and the fourth annual is right around the corner!