New Intention Bracelets - A Powerful Way to Connect

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Intention bracelets bring Diffuser Bracelet Workshops to a new level. All Bracelet Workshops connect you to others and help you build your business by creating beautiful bracelets. If you are brand new to Diffuser Bracelet Workshops READ HERE for step by step instructions into making your workshop a success. If not, read on!

Diffuser bracelets are pretty. The choices that bracelet creators make are as unique as the creators themselves. I am always amazed at what people will put together and still create beauty. I am a symmetrical girl. Everything has to balance. Many people are not. I silently cringe when I watch them create but surprisingly, the end result looks beautiful. The workshops allow for fun, for informal relationship building and leaving with a beautiful bracelet that will provide an all day aromatherapy experience.

But what about the gemstones? Why do people pick them? Is it for the ascetic value or are they drawn to the stones for another reason?

Gemstones have frequencies and properties that attract attributes. Do a quick google search and you will have thousands of results about the properties of gemstones. It is quite fascinating. It can also be overwhelming.